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Shipshewana Indiana covers one square mile in LaGrange County in northern Indiana and is not considered part of any large metropolitan area. However, all the communities in LaGrange County are near a modern network of roads, rail and air transportation, making it very convenient to reach the many larger cities in the region. In fact, over half of the population of the U.S. and Canada is within a dayís drive of Shipshewana. Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Toledo are all approximately 150 miles from Shipshewana.

Shipshewana is a small town in the heart of northern Indianaís Amish Country. It has loads of charm and is a hot spot for tourists who come for the Amish treasures, home-style food, great variety of top-notch lodging and the weekly summer flea market. Itís a treasure trove for those who love shopping. Although itís a great place to visit, itís also a very nice place to raise a family or retire. Along with the simple, unhurried way of life, the town of Shipshewana is a friendly small town where itís easy to leave the hectic work-a-day world behind. Itís in the center of the nationís third largest Amish community and offers an excellent introduction into the heritage, traditions and handcrafts of the Amish and Mennonite people. Shipshewana and LaGrange County have an abundance of parks, two 18-hole golf courses, an 11,500-acre wildlife preserve, numerous lakes for fishing and boating and a thriving agricultural community. Schools in the area are excellent, the crime rate is extremely low and families enjoy numerous county fairs, festivals, special 4th of July celebrations, parades and much more. The climate in northern Indiana has four distinct seasons. It is coldest in January with an average temperature of 22 degrees and warmest in July at 82 degrees.

Many visitors come to enjoy the tranquil and simple lifestyle here and as they travel the winding backroads, gently rolling hills and Amish farmland, they find they donít want to leave. A wide range of housing choices are available in Shipshewana. The average cost of a home in Shipshewana is $75,000 and in addition there are many rental homes and apartments. Shipshewana is truly one of the Midwestís hidden surprises. For those considering a permanent move, the Shipshewana/LaGrange Chamber of Commerce can supply a list of real estate agents and other information. Shipshewana is located on SR 5 between US 20 and SR 120 (exit 107 or 121 off I80/90) Other towns of the area such as Bristol, Elkhart, Goshen, Nappanee and Wakarusa each have their own unique qualities and add to the homespun atmosphere of the area. The town of Nappanee is considered the southern gateway to the Amish Country and Time Magazine recently named it as one of the nationís ď10 Best Small Towns.Ē In Shipshewana and the surrounding small towns, the Amish and non-Amish (called the ďEnglishĒ by the Amish) coexist easily. Modern shopping and entertainment mix nicely with the peaceful Amish farms and buggy-filled backroads, and offer a quiet retreat for those looking for a more peaceful way of life.


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